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World Knowledge Bank® A Virtual Democratic Country

The World Knowledge Bank is delighted to announce the roll-out of our next generation democratically self-governed Knowledge Community and Marketplace. Knowledge Contributors are now being sought. Please respond to our Calls For Knowledge—your valuable knowledge needed by the human community. If you would like to participate please contact us at this link: I want to be a Knowledge Contributor at the World Knowledge Bank.

Our Mission: To create an engine that promotes systemic change through a new way of thinking about the value of each individual life, a just engine through which we exchange that value.

Our Vision: That all life has a creative insight into living and that each life develops knowledge that is irreplaceable and needed by the human community.

Our Values: Generosity, Creativity and Hopefulness. When you share what you know in a just way, you sustain life and transform the way the world works.

Why Should I Care? The World Knowledge Bank provides you with a new source of income from your knowledge and creative insight into life. At the same time the World Knowledge Bank preserves your identity and integrity while you share your knowledge with others improving the lives of us all.


When we all speak...what language do we make?

Compassion and Justice, Wisdom, Life Knowledge, Democratic Countries

See How the World Knowledge Bank® serves individuals and humanity.